The second edition of Argentina’s International Deaf Cinema Festival is coming soon

Its goal is to create a greater conscience in society regarding the deaf community, its identity, its culture and its language, in order to evidence its non-stop struggle.

This second edition of FiCSor’s official venues will be the Palacio de Aguas Corrientes and the Memory Cultural Center “Haroldo Conti”. Entrance free of charge.

Buenos Aires, June, 2018. The second edition of the International Deaf Cinema Festival (FiCSor) will take place from September 20th to 23rd. This festival is produced by the audiovisual production company of accessible contents Access Media Argentina. This is the first cinema festival planned and run by deaf people in Argentina, and the first platform of exhibition, in the country, of national and international films with the theme of deafness. Its objective is, through cinema, to defend and to recognize the social, cultural and linguistic rights of the deaf community. Admission is free.

This year, the official venues for the second edition of FiCSor will be the Palacio de Aguas Corrientes in 750 Riobamba St.- Buenos Aires, and the Memory Cultural Center “Haroldo Conti” in 8151 Libertador Av. – Buenos Aires.

Over 5,000 people took part in FiCSor’s first edition, which took place in Tigre (province of Buenos Aires). This new edition aims at multiplying this impact by making use of the accessibility the city of Buenos Aires has to offer.
FiCSor is a place where we can show, through images, the identity and culture of the deaf community along with its language: the LSA (Argentinian Sign Language). It also helps to make a new form of communication available to the people, in order to create more spaces of audiovisual creation in the community and to assure the direct access to a diverse film programming and of high quality, with either subtitles or with LSA interpreters.

We’re hoping that after each screening, the audience can reverse the preconceptions that weigh on the deaf community. “We want to let the society know, that even though the deaf community is a minority, we have potential, talent and the same rights to access to every cultural asset like any other person”, stated Federico Sykes, director of FiCSor.

The Festival is endorsed by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and the Argentinian Network of Festivals and Audiovisual Exhibits (RAFMA). It was also declared of Cultural Interest of the Province of Misiones and the Argentinian Confederation of the Deaf.

What will you find on this second edition of the FiCSor?

  • Screenings of national and international films: feature films, short films and documentaries.
  • Activities: cinema workshops in sign language for deaf kids, exhibits of photos and drawings of deaf people, performances.
  • Contests: there will be a competition of amateur short films made by deaf people.
  • Conferences with very special guests. The admission will be free and open to the public.

Check out the history of FiCSor in this video:

About FiCSor

FiCSor is the first platform in the country to exhibit national and international films related to the deaf culture and identity, and the second one in South America.

About Access Media Argentina

This is the very first accessible channel of Latin America that broadcasts audiovisual contents with audiodescription, interpretation in Argentinian Sign Language (LSA) and closed caption (CC). In addition, it produces original content of general interest and also those regarding particular interests of specific audiences with the highest standards of quality and commitment. It also adapts content from other channels to make them accessible and thus extending the audiovisual supply for blind and deaf people, contributing to the fulfillment of the article 66° of the Law of audiovisual communication on behalf of the media that share content.